Horses communicate through bodylanguage. People do this as well, but they are not very aware that they do. In learning how to communicate with horses it is important to discover what your bodylanguage is telling the horse and how you can influence it. In the lessons on the Paardenmaat much time is spent learning to communicate through bodylanguage and using it to build a relationship with the horse. Central is learning how you can create an environment in which both you and the horse are comfortable and happy. This means that you will become more aware of your body(language) and your emotions. You will learn how thoughts influence your bodylanguage and how you can change your thoughts to send other messages. This is a deep process of growth that can also affect your daily life. You will learn about leadership, setting boundaries, working together, trust and taking initiative.

In practical terms this will start with taking a horse out of the stable or the Paddock Paradise. How do you get acquainted with the horse? How do you lead the horse? How do you make sure the horse is willing to walk with you? Only when there is a solid base in this you will start to learn how to ride. In the lessons respect for the horse and fun come first. 

The lessons take place once every two weeks from 19:30 to 21:30 hours. There is also a morninggroup on Fridays 10:00 to 12:00 hours. The maximum amount of participants per group is 6. More information? Send an email to: