Our body

You have only one body, this body allows you to be in this world and will function for your benefit during your whole life. For centuries, people try to change their bodies, try to add things or take things away. But if you realize how many processes take place in your body, you will know it is incredibly beautiful just the way it is. Your lungs breathe, your feet take you wherever you would want to go, every second countless cells are breaking down and rebuilding. From the moment of conception until now, your body has experienced everything you have seen, smelled, tasted and felt. Every happening that you process on an emotional level will become a memory. If you do not process a happening it will be stored in your body. This way your body will become a storehouse of emotions waiting to be released. Until that is done, you will, consciously or unconsciously, experience unexplained symptoms such as a headache, hunched shoulders or pain in your stomach. You might be so used to these feelings that you have forgotten what it feels like to be without stress. Your body has forgotten its baseline.


Since 2002 Wilma Siekman-Nibbelink owned a Shiatsu practise. With the help of Shiatsu-therapy and 4-dimensional bodywork she helps her clients to become aware of their bodies and to recognise the signals the body gives us earlier. The treatment is focused on tracking down old convictions and to remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. Complementary to the Shiatsu-therapy Wilma uses a combination of 15 different alternative therapies, such as craniosacral therapy, fasciatherapy and tji nei tjang, a deep organtissuemassage technique. The therapies are tools which are used differently for each client.

The treatment

In the first meeting the relevant (medical) background of the client is discussed. After that Wilma usually begins with massaging the back, because this gives her a lot of information about the blockages in the body. Then a decision is made about which of the therapies will be used to stimulate energy or reduce energy in certain points. In this, the flow of the meridians is important. When Wilma notices that the energy has a better flow she moves on to the next area that asks for attention. The connections between the physical, mental and emotional blockages are voiced and if necessary discussed. In this, the emotions of the client are given all the space they need. The number of treatments is very different per client. It is the ultimate goal that the client can go without treatments. After a couple of treatments Wilma evaluates with the client. Together they decide whether to continue the treatments or to stop. 

Wilma is a member of professional association Zhong. The treatment is reimbursed by most insurance companies. You can see on www.zhong.nl if this goes for your insurance company. The costs for a treatment are:

€ 34,00 for 30 minutes 
€ 62,50 for 60 minutes 
Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged.

For more information and making appointments, call: +316 30 38 67 72.

Riders and 4-dimensional bodywork

In special situaties horses can be used to support a treatment. For example in becoming aware of old behavioral habits and developing new ones. Wilma also has experience with using 4-dimensional bodywork with riders. She is part of the Deepening, where she helps with the awareness of riders in their communication with horses. Often there are immediate changes in the horse when the blockages in the rider are lifted. 

For more information and making appointments, call: +316 30 38 67 72.