The average distance a horse covers per day when it resides in a square field is approximately 3 kilometers. In nature, this distance varies between 30 and 40 kilometers per day. To make this difference smaller we keep our horses in a Paddock Paradise, a system where the horses walk a 5 meter wide track, which is almost 2 kilometers long in total on an area of 4,5 hectares. 40 feeding points are distributed across the track. The horses walk from feeding point to feeding point, pushed forward by natural herd dynamics (a horse lower in hierarchy will give room to a horse which is higher ranked horse). In this way, our horses cover greater distances, between 5 and 15 kilometers per day. The quality of the feet improve, as does the general condition of the horses. In our Paddock Paradise are several natural fascilities, like a swimming pond and a lookout hill. For more information about the concept Paddock Paradise, please click here

In the video below you can watch a tour through the Paddock Paradise.