Piet Nibbelink was born in Nijmegen the Netherlands in 1954. He is the father of two daughters, Eefje and Roos, and is married to Wilma Siekman-Nibbelink, who has a son, Sven, and a daughter, Kira. 

He has felt a close relationship with nature throughout his life. In his youth he had one year of horsebackriding lessons sponsored by his brother. After training as a teacher of biology and physics and teaching for 2 and a half years, he switched to automation. He realised that he cared more for people than for technology and gradually became a consultant and team coach. 

He rediscovered his love for horses, and bought first own horse. Dealing with his own horse gave him a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Entering competitions became a challenge, but slowly and imperceptibly the performance became more important for him than the sheer pleasure.

The turning point came when he saw Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, a master in communicating with horses, working with them. He became painfully aware of his own shortcomings in the relationship with his own horse. This showed him the way to better methods of dealing with horses. Going through a lot of highs and lows, Piet discovered that only through developing yourself you can gain the insights needed to grow. 

Communicating with horses through body language built a bridge to a quicker inner growth, which was expressed in his courses for horse lovers and his work as a consultant and coach. 

To be able to rely on your feelings and to interpret the body language of horses as well as of people, convinced him that intuition is an interpretation of body language that is subconsciously observed. 

Along side his work in the field of communication, Piet also is a certified Level II Centered Riding instructor and develops himself in the Academic Art of Riding.