In 1999 Wilma started the educational program to become a shiatsu therapist. Shiatsi is an Asian pressurepoint and massage therapy originally from Japan. It works with acupuncture points, but instead of using needles, pressure is applied to the points. After graduating in 2002, Wilma continued with a training in 4 dimensional bodywork in Belgium. This is a combination of approximately 15 different therapies, were Wilma learned the most important of each of them. In this way, everybody gets an unique treatment, based on what is needed at that moment. 4 dimensional bodywork is not limited to the practice space, but is a way of living and learning. 

Wilma met Piet in 2005, and with that, she was introduced to horses. She experiences this as an enrichement which she fully enjoys. It is an unique opportunity to be able to help people become aware of their bodies and what they can do with it with the help of horses.